With packets built around 8-page pilot stories,
Octal reads like a comic anthology with bonus
features while bringing some much needed
transparency to the pitching process.

VOLUME 1    
Necromancer Bill
After a hapless divorcee is mistakenly given necromantic powers, he must get his life in order before he can master the powers of death.
Escape Velocity

Pursued by feudal warlords, crime syndicates, and dark magic guilds, a teenage vagabond and her companions embark on a magic and mayhem-filled space odyssey.

When a group of contract criminals sign on for the biggest job of their careers, they soon unearth disturbing facts, which indicate that there may be more to their client’s agenda than they thought.
Free Lance

There’s no job too large or challenge too great for Free Lance. Trolls, witches, and demons: nothing will stand between him and his payment... at least, not for very long.
Daversham Rex

The finger of suspicion falls upon an eccentric detective when his prime suspects in a case of apparent vampirism are murdered under peculiar circumstances.
Astral Crusaders

Hurtling through uncharted space, a battalion of crusaders wage war against a new breed of aliens whilst questioning their very own existence.

After devastating event leaves a once-great nation in ruins, an angsty teen finds himself endowed with supernatural powers and stalked by a mysterious figure. 

Cursed with immortality, Drust must hunt the beings born of his demonic blood. Only after his family has been exterminated can this antlered warrior find the peace of death.

VOLUME 2    

An inexperienced priestess leads a disjointed group of reluctant heroes to save her planet from an ancient evil.

A young sorceress attempts to destroy the cult that raise her to be their ultimate sacrifice.
Night of the Living Dead

Decades after its initial run, FantaCo's Night of the Living Dead has been resurrected with enough supplemental material to assuage even the most insatiable of appetites. 

An amiable, accounting android and a high-strung detective travel through a dystopian Eastern Europe, solving crime along the way and shattering preconceptions about artificial intelligence and intelligence in general.

Earth is plagued by a series of inter-dimensional incursions after a physicist's failed experiment puts the entire multiverse in jeopardy.

Greek gods imbue young lovers with superhuman strength and endurance as voyeuristic foreplay but when fabled monsters attack, the couple must unearth and neutralize their source.

A trio of viking outlaws embark on a journey to find and destroy the powerful sword, Ulfberht.
The Seekers

A pastor and an orphaned girl form an uneasy alliance dedicated to exorcising the Old West’s demons.

VOLUME 3    
The Foundling

After an epidemic decimated the human population, a pregnant teen and a young boy must scavenge the desolate city searching for a new home.
Arthur King

Reincarnated as an obnoxious, amnesiac hobo, King Arthur must recover ancient powerful weapons, once owned by the Knights of Camelot, before his geriatric bastard son and elfish half-sister use the Holy Grail to wipe out humankind.
The Astronaut

A veteran astronaut encounters a deep space anomaly that reveals a vision from her past and reconnects her to a forgotten conflict that threatens reality as she knows it.
Le Due Nazioni

When a vampire is murdered, breaking a thirty year truce with the humans, a former vampire hunter must become one of the undead to help stop the president from inciting an all-out war.
Fat Guy & The Donut

A fat oafish boy and a band of anthropomorphic sweets set off on a quest to find the piece of cake that can save the world.
Fit for a King

When an insatiable king holds a food truck tourney for the honor of preparing him a meal, one goblin seeks to prove himself the greatest chef in the kingdom.
Seyton: Squire of Macbeth

'Seyton: Squire of Macbeth' shows the bloody and supernatural events of Shakespeare's Macbeth as seen through the eyes of Seyton, who must choose between being loyal to his master or doing what is right. 
The Long Walk Home

A pair of middle-schoolers escape a school bus accident and then team up with a mysterious stranger who offers to guide them through the woods and back home.

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